“Underdog” is about beating impossible odds, and moreover, about the fact that achieving dreams can be exponentially more rewarding when the odds are stacked against you.

"Down Not Out" is an empowering song about someone who refuses to accept defeat, and who understands that more often than not, working hard is the only way to truly win in life.

“Show Me How to Live" is a cover of one of Greye’s favorite rock songs by Audioslave. We loved putting our own spin on it, and we hope our version does the legendary performance of the original version justice!

I Don’t Mind is all about the importance of communication and understanding, juxtaposing some more poetic lines in the beginning with a very direct message at the end, “I don’t need a way with words, just ways to understand.”

So Far, So Good explores the uncertainty of life and the importance of living in the present.  In the music industry, as with most other avenues of life, nothing is ever guaranteed, but instead of allowing ourselves to be destroyed by the pains of the past or frightened bu the endless possibilities of the future, we should instead appreciate simply getting to make the journey