Tell a Little Lie is about achieving an ultimate goal; all the while doing everything you can to make sure that everyone around you is happy.

GREYE's version of Bill Withers "Use Me" performed at The Bank & Blues in Daytona Beach, FL

Momma is a narrative by a character who's been hospitalized by their mother, who is convinced that there is something wrong with their child because the child wants to make their own decisions. It is a stream of consciousness during an EEG test, wherein doctors will usually use strobe lights and hyperventilation to induce seizures in patients. The soft middle sections of the song are reflective of when the child is laying in the dark, waiting for the test to start, and the heavier sections are when the strobe lights are flashing. In the end, when the song slows down, the patient is falling asleep after hyperventilation, drifting slowly out of consciousness.

L.A. Man is about a man who's always going after the next best thing. The character in the story is calling out to him in the hopes that he will slow down, but he rejects her calls and instead moves forward on his own.
Evelyn is dedicated my grandmother, who passed away about a year ago. She was a great lady and I wanted to pay my respects to her through a song. I hope this does her justice :)

Hollywood is what the name suggests. It centers around all the pressures of the city - the competition between actors, the risk that they take, and the loss that many feel who leave Hollywood with broken dreams in hand, and on the opposite side, the cold nature of "the business" itself.

“I Love You” is not just another music video showcasing a love song, but a video that intertwines: love,commitment, honor, and more importantly unrealized generational pride. The music video attempts to give a humanization to not only the American heroes who have given the ultimate sacrifice, but more importantly to the forgotten casualties of war on the home-front - Mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers,friends, husbands and wives who for centuries have simply faded into the tapestry of society itself... this is their video.


Greye would like to send out a big Merry Christmas to all of our families, friends, and fans. You have all made 2014 an amazing year for us. All of you mean so much to us and we want to share our year in review with you. Please enjoy our version of Emerson, Lake, and Palmer's classic Christmas Carole “I Believe In Father Christmas.”
Josephine tells the story of a man who struggles between the personified form of all of his mistakes (Mary Jane) and the love of his life (Josephine). While the song seems to portray that Josephine, is a little risqué, she is actually a literal 'good girl' and has only loving intentions for her man. It is left up to the listener whether or not he chooses a happy life with Josephine or a life of misgivings with Mary Jane, much like we all have to choose between right and wrong.
Providence's message at its core is essentially "que sera, sera."  Throughout the song, a man is bombarded with words and wishes of those around him, all telling him to go in different directions with his life in terms of love, success, and the messages he chooses to pass on to those around him.   What he fails to notice about all of the people giving him advice is that their intentions for him are poor and mocking.  Eventually, rather than constantly changing his course to meet their expectations, he accepts the idea that "whatever will be, will be" and finally takes his life into his own hands.