An updated live version of a song that was the title track of our first record featuring Ken-E Williams on keyboards and Suzanne Williams on Background vocals.

Greye performs the title song from their album "Under the Weather." featuring Ken-E-Williams on keyboards and Suzanne Williams singing background vocals.

Greye "What if I" from the "Under the Weather" album. Recorded at FAME Recording Studios, Muscle Shoals, Alabama. Produced by Greye, and Mixed by Brian Reeves.

GREYE's version of Bill Withers "Use Me" performed at The Bank & Blues in Daytona Beach, FL

Momma is a narrative by a character who's been hospitalized by their mother, who is convinced that there is something wrong with their child because the child wants to make their own decisions. It is a stream of consciousness during an EEG test, wherein doctors will usually use strobe lights and hyperventilation to induce seizures in patients. The soft middle sections of the song are reflective of when the child is laying in the dark, waiting for the test to start, and the heavier sections are when the strobe lights are flashing. In the end, when the song slows down, the patient is falling asleep after hyperventilation, drifting slowly out of consciousness.