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This is genius, pure and simple.  Deep music voodoo grooves crafted by art-rock types with Americana storytelling.  Very intellectual and biting; modern and yet timeworn in the raw power behind the music.  These guys and a girl just have such a fresh sound that pulls you in and hypnotizes you with their rhythms and vocals.



Under The Weather is going to rock you, move you, surprise you, and leaving you wanting to 1) see the band live and 2) grab a copy of this album.  From soaring guitars to soul-screaming organ solos and everything in between, this album is packed with pristinely produced recordings which contribute to the refined and more polished sound of this record.



Having been a fan of GREYE since their single Windows, it was a joy to hear of this full length project - their unique approach to Americana and rock has something of their own about it. With this new release, the band and the playlist don't disappoint.  "What if I" starts things off with a surprising level of volume and weight, reaching out for the attention of listeners far and wide - an understandable chioce for the album's single.  Things calm down a little after this though, turning to more inherently thoughtful vibes that embrace and fascinate.



GREYE goes for a joyful determination with fiery "Under The Weather".  Holding nothing back, GREYE merges elements of country, indie rock, and the blues into a satisfying swirling whole.  Vocals seemingly rise above the arrangements thanks to the undeniable power of vocalist Hannah Summer; whose powerful delivery has a sense of optimism underpinning everything.  Lyricism goes for stream of consciousness poetry, for GREYE proves to be a deft storyteller.  The application of layer upon layer of sound means that at times the hybrid like nature of the album draws both from the past, from classic rock, while remaining future focused.



These kind of sassy and clever lyrics are another aspect that sets them apart from other bands.  After the second chorus GREYE then show they can really play with a funky, jazzy breakdown section that builds back up and culminates in a superb guitar solo from Jett Wolfe.  One last chorus allows for some vocal extemporizations at the top of her range to complete a perfect executed performance.



It's fun, it's bright, it's colorful, it's undeniably bright & inviting to listen to, it's got a playful vibe and serious skills on display... in a word, their new single is actually quite charming really.  I think peopel out there will dig the heart & soul that GREYE clearly puts into their music and I'm sure they'll dig the vibe & energy that they've got here on "What If I" - well done.



As with most GREYE albums, there is a little something for everybody on this record.  From the blues tinged "Get Back In It" and "Under the Weather" the title track, to the rockabilly inspired :Infero" to the harder driving tracks "What If I" and "Need" the band once again takes a genre, puts its own stamp on it and lets it fly.  The songs are first rate and even after five albums, lyricist Hannah Summer still has something to say.  The band is tighter and augmented by a keyboard player whose influence has enhanced the band's "voice" and given a depth which has allowed them to dig deeper and expand their sound.  "Under The Weather" is yet another solid effort from a band that shows no sign of weakening.



Rich.   Talent-driven.  Continuum.  Greye's fifth studio album.  Under The Weather, is with no exaggeration-exactly what it's supposed to be.  Which is it is a right-on-track evolution of their previous project.  Evolved songwriting.  Stronger vocal presence.  More creative melodies and instrumental mixes.  And, of course, an advancement in production.  Specifically-and what I feel is always an important and brave aspect never to be overlooked-is, though certainly lyrically driven, the band also knows when to let the music do the talking with lots of rich and lovely instrumental breaks and segues.  All in all, it's exciting and rewarding as a music critic to see a group continue to grind it out and evolve their craft.



Clocking in at almost always over the 3 minute mark, "What If I" packs quite a punch and it stands out as a driven, energetic and diverse song that is poised to become as instant fan-favorite jam!  On this number, GREYE definitely sets the bar higher, with a sound that feels direct, yet experimental and willing to pursue innovation.



"Under The Weather" is mastered beautifully, the highs are crisp and clear, the bass is low and heavy and it's mixed at a very reasonable volume where you don't have to adjust anything between songs or max out your speakers to actually hear it.  GREYE kills it on every song.




Sometimes you want your ears uncorked and have a the time of your life.  And when you want live entertainment, where your inhibitions are kicked to the curb, we think GREYE would be the right prescription.  Cliche? Nope.  Just hard facts.  Want blue? Check.  Want guitar that moves you to dance like "you don't care"?  Double check.  GREYE's 'What If I' takes you there and, then some.  Fab.


"Windows" Reviews

Greye crafts indie rock with heart and soul on “Windows”. Passionate pours out of the pieces as their stories recall the relationships and the situations encountered in a life lived most fully. The band comes through swinging with a western twang to the guitar, with rhythms keeping the whole thing very much centered. By opting for a gorgeous rush of sound, the songs have a blurred beauty to them, with the vocals rising above it all. Defiance defines the sound for it is one that explores the tales of those who overcome…Powerful to its very core, Greye’s “Windows” infectious melodies and unforgettable harmonies linger in the mind long after they are over.”



Hannah Summer's dynamic vocals shine on the lead track as well as the others.  There's no self-delusion or posing going on here.  These people are great musicians that have created a solid work of art.  "Windows" is a well-concocted blend of country flavor and indie pop."


“GREYE’s “Windows” was truly an engaging and worthwhile experience and will definitely be getting several respins. It differs from most indie releases in that this album is full of creativity, ambition, substance, integrity, honesty, and emotional awareness. Not only is it polished and meticulously crafted, but it is arranged to perfection, brilliantly leaving the listener wanting more….GREYE has certainly crafted a sound that they can rightfully call their own, and it is what makes this album so engaging and unforgettable.”



OH YES.  This shall pass.  Even Gandalf himself would let this song through... GREYE - you had me from the get-go... the instant groove that starts up their latest single/title track from their latest record Windows is right up my alley and the volume is now right up on my speakers as a result.  Put it to you this way... the first impression absolutely SMACKS ya... you can hear the musicianship, passion and insightful combination of style, sound & skills that'll lead to a band that has a long & bright future ahead of them.  You can hear it right away... it's instantaneous om "Windows."


“With “Windows,” GREYE created a vibe that makes you feel like you’re taking a purposeful stroll down Americana Drive in combat boots and ripped jean shorts. I would expect to hear this song in a local dive bar anywhere in the U.S, and see people finding themselves both jamming and tapping their feet to it. …You can hear the earnestness in the vocals, making Hannah Summers’ voice now one that pleasantly replays in my mind!



To draw influence from music of various eras and genres and create one cohesive sound is a feat in itself. To blend these influences and develop an entire sub-genre of music that sounds fresh both live and on record is what separates the true artists from the rest of the pack. GREYE develops their own unique sound that they have called “Progressive Americana,” and with good reason. This Daytona Beach, Florida crew creates a motley fusion of folk music with sounds influenced from 70s and 80s rock and roll that sounds as current as it does timeless.

GREYE has played many stages, large and small, including festival showcases, and songwriting competitions. A big band, with a big sound, we look forward to all that is to come for GREYE.

Florida based Progressive Americana band GREYE have released their new album The Worrier via Lakehouse Records.

Music is an ever-evolving creature.  There will always be your standard genres like Rock, Rap, and even Zydego.  The musicians out there with real creativity will find a way to blend pieces of these different genres to make something new and original.  A great recent example is the music of GREYE

“The Worrier” is certainly an extremely approachable and easy-listening work with plenty of rhythmic groove and a great vocal performance from Hannah. So don’t be afraid of the label, Progressive Americana. Once you’ve flipped the volume to max, you’ll be overwhelmed by snappy the guitar runs and the clean throbbing basslines, and all labels will dissolve into just…great music.

GREYE‘s music is a special blend of classic and modern styles fusing into something the band refers to as Progressive Americana.

'The Worrier' demonstrates the kind of cross-genre versatility that remarks today's most imaginative artists - but its wide-ranging aesthetic is anchored by an imperturbable compass for melodic elegance.'

"In a music world that tends to be driven by top forty artists and high budget record label marketing, it is refreshing to hear a band that is rising above the mundane to produce a sound that is both new and at the same time drawing on the hit sounds of the 70's and 80's.  Soul Traveller Radio has added two tracks from Greye's new album Providence into high rotation.  The band's namesake song, Greye and Songbird deliver conscious lyrics, telling it like it is with no desire to cushion the impact, and a solid vocal performance by the two lead singers Hannah Summer and Jett Wolfe.  The album also includes one of the funkiest versions of Edie Brickell's What I Am that we have heard.  A great way to round out an album that will find its way to repeat on your iPod."
Shayne Locke
Soul Traveller Radio, Chevron Island, Australia

"Greye is the perfect example of why I personally love to discover independent musicians, who are out there sacrificing what they have and opening their hearts to the world, all for the dream of sincere music... "Providence" is an original, poetic and refreshing new album, full of strong societal commentary and sentimental subjects that are distinguishable and relatable to many young people.  The amazing dedication and collaboration between all members of the band "Greye" took freshly written verses and applied them to fresh melodies, instantaneously and collectively creating beautiful songs..."

David Inestroza
Chessboard Radio, Boston, MA

"Do yourself a favor and check out Greye, they are sure to stick around and keep you grooving with a fresh funky sound!  They mix her melodic voice beautifully with the male counterparts to the point of genius, forget 50 shades, one dose of Greye is all you need at the end of the day to unwind and lose yourself to a music masterpiece... I can't describe how each song went deep inside and hit right where I needed it to.  The sound they have I can only be describe as funky chill soul awesomeness!"

Jon Allred
Indie Music Lives Here, Portland, Oregon

"Enlightening, Talented, Unique, and a true Wake-Up call to all others in the "Progressive Folk" Music Industry.  Four Words that are just the beginning for this 4-Piece band extraordinaire!  Give them a listen and you may just be surprised on how quickly your ears will be filled with their full impact!"

Ms. V
BWD Radio, Miami/Fort Lauderdale, FL

"Providence" is a great debut release from Greye, Hannah Summer's vocals joined by Jett Wolfe and Joshua Reid, pull you into each song.  "Providence" is not one of those albums you put on for background music, it is one you want to listen to and enjoy the lyrics and arrangement of each song."

Front Range Radio, Colorado Springs, CO

"GREYE weaves complex melodies, intricate lyrics and hypnotic vocals into a brand of indie pop that is accessible and highly enjoyable.  The production is first rate and I would expect GREYE to attract a legion of new fans with this debut release. 

Rob Penland
The Mad Music Asylum,Aiken, SC

"From the first track (Greye) to the last track (Momma) the listener is treated to many interesting and refreshing approaches to traditional folk and R&B.  Solid back-beats and just the right amount of guitar keep the groove going throughout the album."

Chelsea Perrry
Symphonic Distribution, Tampa, FL


Song Writers Showcase of America

July 2014 "Featured Artist"

2014's "Songwriter of the Year"

Top Album of October 2014 Greye "Providence"

Chessboard Radio, Boston, MA

UK's Beat 100.com


Gold Favorite A&R Award
Award "I Love You" for being one of the BEAT100 A&R team's favorite videos.

Gold Song A&R Award
Awarded for a well written original song "I Love You."

Gold Video A&R Award
Awarded Greye's "I Love You" for a high quality original video with great production values.

Note: Greye "I Love You" debuted at #16 on the Weekly World Video Chart.

Gold Song A&R Award
Awarded for a well written original song "Providence"

Ultimate Musician A&R Music Award
Awarded by BEAT100 A&R Team for being one of the most outstanding musicians on the BEAT100.
This is the highest and rarest music award given on BEAT100.

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